Intilight Anal Bleaching Cream

Embarrassing dark or discolored skin?
Dark areas visibly lighter with Intilight


Tested on over 1000 patients

Visibly lighter skin in as few as 21 days

Finest natural ingredients

Advanced formula

45 Day Guarantee

Intilight Anal Bleaching Cream

Intilight Vaginal Bleaching Cream
is your best choice for a safe, effective non-prescription skin lightening cream. Dermatologist Dr. Tom Balshi created Intilight for his own patients to deliver results without the harsh chemicals in many skin bleaching creams.
Skin lightening treatment with Intilight
Intilight, Top Skin Bleaching Cream
Dermatologist Created and Tested

Thinking about skin bleaching, anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching or lightening sensitive skin on other parts of your body, to look and feel better?


Finally, a doctor helps you lighten skin safely and effectively.


Dr. Tom Balshi created Intilight. His clinical experience is giving women and men the answer to dark and discolored skin – a better choice than traditional over-the-counter skin bleaching products.


Safe Skin Lightening Treatment Intilight
Effective Skin Bleaching Treatment Intilight
Natural Skin Lightening Treatment Intilight
Guaranteed Skin Lightening Treatment Intilight


Dr. Thomas Balshi's Intilight

"You may be like many of my patients. They ask me how they can lighten the skin on their breasts, vagina, anus, penis, scrotum, underarms, face, eyelids and other sensitive parts of their bodies. You may want to reduce skin discoloration. You might want more even skin coloring. You want to improve how you look and feel.

I did the research. I didn't like the skin bleachers I found – chemicals, weak formulas and products I would never recommend to people who trust me for results.

I decided to produce something better.

The result is Intilight."

Dr. Thomas Balshi, Dermatologist Developed Intilight

Founder of the Balshi MD Derma-Ceutical skincare line

Anal Bleaching with Intilight

Watch Dr. Balshi's interview on Intilight.
Safe and Effective
Anal Bleaching

Why Intilight?




pH balanced

No perfumes

No mercury

No hydroquinone

No kojic acid

No salicyclic Acid

No retinol

Vaginal Bleaching with Intilight

Delivers results for:

Anal bleaching

Vaginal bleaching

Nipple bleaching

Penis / scrotum bleaching

Discolored skin patches

Dark underarms

All your non-prescription skin bleaching / skin whitening cream needs

Skin Bleaching with Intilight Skin Lightening Cream

Clinically tested

Natural skin lightening ingredients

Absorbs quickly

No harsh skin bleaching chemicals

Non-greasy / non-oily feel on your skin

No chemical odor

Airless pump packaging keeps Intilight ingredients fresh and active

Anal Bleaching with Intilight Skin Lightening Cream